South Iowa AC was provisionally accepted this week as a member of the Iowa Soccer Association!  It is a privilege to be affiliated with the association and look forward to the many opportunities it will create for the youth programs.  

We will be assisting Pleasantville Park & Rec Dept. with its coaches clinic on Sunday.  Great opportunity, especially for beginners, to get a bit more comfortable with the sport and how to encourage kids to enjoy the game.  
After several years of building some interest, South Iowa Athletics Club has become an official reality.  Initially the club will focus on building its partnership with Pleasantville, Iowa's Parks and Rec Department to enhance soccer activity in the community.  South Iowa AC will assist in the youth program during the Fall of 2011 and establish opportunities for youth interested in pursuing additional soccer activity beyond the 4th grade.  South Iowa AC plans to sponsor an Under-10 program starting Spring 2012.

Thank you to the City of Pleasantville and its leadership for encouraging club activity as it continues to improve its soccer facility.  I also commend its leadership for the innovative and bold move to hire a Park & Rec Director for a relatively small community.  This has already built tremendous interest and activity in youth sports and recreation!  Thank you to the men and women who continue to believe that soccer activity beyond the 4th grade is positive for Pleasantville and southern Iowa and continue to support this endeavor.  Your support cannot be understated.